Thursday, March 08, 2007

"I won't give up on Massachusetts."

Misquoting is fun, isn't it? In making amends with a very poor decision, Deval Patrick said something to the effect of "don't give up on me, because I won't give up on Massachusetts."

Now, to most people, that's an eloquent apology. To the Boston Herald and attack dogs everywhere, though, he's begging people not to give up on him. To them, they can't even get passed the dishonest juicy taste in their mouths from writing "hey, look, Deval just begged everyone not to give up on him!" Just ask Margery Eagen. Sadly, there have been several of her columns that I've linked to on this blog because I thought they were surprisingly sane and rational for the Boston Herald. I can even remember one where she poked fun at Howie Carr for using the term "moonbat."

Today, however, she embraced the word and the art of misrepresentation. When I started reading her latest column this morning, I thought surely it was sarcasm. She had to be making fun of the glee her Republican fiends friends were having, right? I mean just read the first few sentences:
The moonbats are in mourning. In meltdown. In the muck, the mire. De-mooned. De-pressed. De-swooned. Ma-rooned.
The alliteration, the meter, the pure poetic nature of it; it's like a cheesy poem for extra credit in an English literature class. Surely, that's over-the-top joking, right? Or not.

Sadly, this column was the Boston Herald's Big Story today. There Tabloid picture was a photoshop of Deval essentially howling to the moon (which is probably still a nicer picture than the Globe's random mugshot). I don't think they even bothered writing a straight news article about "the call" (it's times like this were I miss Ms. Atkins), they just skipped straight to the nasty column - which is particularly bad since most readers probably don't even know the paltry facts available in the Frank Phillips story (a pun if there ever was one).

What's worse than anything in this article is the fact that yet another columnist in the Boston Herald is embracing "moonbat." With regular mentions of that word in a paper, such a paper ceases to be categorized as "news." The Boston Herald is the real moonbat here - with too many writers who crazily think that all Star Bucks drinkers are a) liberal (they're not), b) believe crazy ideas (they don't) and c) are nancy sissies (not true) who d) own Ipods (okay, maybe that's true, but still!).

Misrepresentation is the Herald's bread and butter - and apparently Margery Eagan wants a taste of some cheese to go with it (however, I'm sure she'll skip the bree - too french for her homogonized, non-mooonbatty tastebuds). However she, along with the rest of the media, attack dogs and citizens everywhere, would do well to remember the most important part of Deval Patrick's mea culpa in the aftermath of his phone call. Despite gaffes that have made his job harder, he hasn't given up on Massachusetts. Let's not give up on him - and get back to work on the very important policy changes that Deval Patrick has decided to champion.

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