Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hold the Phones! Deval Makes Phone Call!!

Oh, noes! Quick, write the front-page headline!

Instead of going in length describing everything that's wrong with this article, point by point (it's not as if I've never done that before), here are three quick things that bother me:

  • The foreboding picture. Seriously, they may as well have put up a Deval-as-Darth-Vader photoshop picture and it probably would have looked less evil. It's actually quite funny, the depths to which the Globe must have went to find such a horrendously scary picture of Deval.
  • Why can't the Boston Globe seemingly ever manage to answer any of the key questions? These aren't finished pieces. What did Patrick's phone call actually do? Just writing an article for he-said-she-said purposes, to essentially report innuendo, is ridiculous. I want to know what the phone call was about, what Patrick said during it, what the companies in question got from it, etc. Maybe Deval was just having a friendly conversation, maybe he was being ebil. Who knows? The Boston Globe didn't do any research, content to just find mouthpieces not related to what happened in order to criticize the Governor (to sell more newspapers).
  • Frank Phillips wrote this piece. It's not as if he has a history or anything. Seriously, how many shoddy articles can one write before they're fired?


Jeremy B. said...

No quotes?

In the conversation, Patrick vouched for the "current management and the character of the company," said Kyle Sullivan, his spokesman. Sullivan said Patrick told Rubin that he was serving as a personal reference for ACC as its owners pushed for the quick cash infusion from Citigroup that would stabilize their struggling lending firm.

"They had a very short phone conversation lasting only a couple of minutes," Sullivan said. "He did not advocate in any way for a deal between Citigroup and ACC Capital. He simply offered himself as a reference."

Ryan Adams said...
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Ryan Adams said...

I made the correction. In reading the article, that managed to go poof by the end of it LOL. It's too early in the morning.

(he comment deleted was my comment, I'm just combining two thoughts instead of writing two seperate comments.)

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