Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dick Howe is a Welcome Addition

It's belated, but I just read this blog on Marty Meehan and it's some interesting stuff. Everyone should read it, it really ties together a few tangents on just how long he plans to stay on as Chancellor of UMASS Lowell. Here's a brief snippet:

During his visit to WCAP yesterday morning, Marty Meehan did not directly address the possibility of again running for elective office, but he did talk about the probable length of his stay at UML and obliquely raised some interesting possibilities.

This was just as interesting:

When a caller asked what he would do with his $5 million campaign account, Marty said the money was in high yield accounts and “I’m not going to break them” (presumably this means the money is in CDs and he doesn’t want to lose interest due to early withdrawal penalties). “You’ll be able to look every six months and see how much interest they’ve earned.” (In three years – the length of his contract – at 5.5% interest, Marty’s $5 mil will have earned $870,000 in interest, allowing him to add nearly $1 million to his campaign account while serving as chancellor).
Hmm... let's see, raise almost a million with no work - just on the interest... take a nice little job for a few years that really pads the resume, a break from actually doing stuff on Capitol Hill and stay in Lowell just long enough to sit out one of our senators' last term...

In all actuality, there's nothing wrong with this apparent plan of his, as long as he actually does his job. Yet, it just goes to show everyone that, when it comes to politics, Marty Meehan is one shrewd man.

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