Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Let's Do It, Senator Murray!

From today's Globe:
The newly elected president of the state Senate said she favors repealing a law that prevents most same-sex couples from other states from getting married here, saying she did not share former governor Mitt Romney's fear that Massachusetts would become a gay marriage mecca.
Come on, Senator, let's do it! Sadly, it looks as though some pro-equality organizations may be advocating against it for some crazy reason. Here's what Lisa Wangsness had to say about that,

Proponents of gay marriage are not currently lobbying for repeal because they fear it could stir up antigay sentiment and hurt their chances of defeating the amendment.
What crap. However, I'd like to remind Ms. Wangsness that "propents" extend far beyond the political mastery of Marc Solomon; every glbt-friendly person I know thinks out-of-state marriage is a really big deal. I've advocated many times that repealing that bill would be tremendously helpful to our side. With the recent news that the Governor made on this issue - and now Senator Murray's public stance, it's time to get the job done.

Lastly, Senator Murray alerted Globe readers to some of the key information.
Murray said the Constitutional Convention, scheduled for May 9, will probably be postponed because the Senate will be focused on the budget then. She said she planned to meet with people on both sides of the gay marriage question this week, but her personal position on gay marriage is firm.

Thankfully, it looks like there won't be a ConCon in May. Also, we learn from the article that Senator Barrios got a repeal to 1913 passed through the Senate, but that - shocker of all shockers - Finneran's House blocked it. If anyone wants our elected leaders to continue to think that marriage equality supporters don't want a repeal of 1913, do nothing. Otherwise, it's time to call your rep and make sure they have the right facts: we want marriage equality and we want it now.

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