Friday, April 13, 2007

Why Is Deval Going to Win the Battle?

The Battle of the Bulge Budget has kicked into gear - Sal DiMasi and his powerful House allies versus Deval Patrick, with his people-powered army and veto powers. The other day, I said Deval Patrick had the upper hand. Mike didn't believe me, but I was right,

A day after the House released a spending plan that eliminates or scales back many of Governor Deval Patrick's banner budget proposals, a spokesman for the governor said the chief executive is willing to defend his budget priorities by exercising his veto power.

"The governor is prepared to wield his veto pen if need be," said Kyle Sullivan, press secretary to the governor.

It's a stand off, but Deval has an army of supporters... So I'll take my chances on the governor and his veto power.


Anonymous said...

You are a sad sack, Ryan. Why on earth you would want taxes to be raised is beyond me.

Perhaps you don't know anything about economics. That's okay, keep going to that state run school that is funded by our taxes.

John Hosty said...

Isn't it always the coward's way to throw stones from the shadows. Anonymous, grow a set of grapes and use your own name when talking smack. Perhaps then we might see what meritorious contributions you've made to society and see how they compare to Ryan's efforts.

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