Monday, May 07, 2007

MassEquality: Marriage Vote In Weeks, Not Months

It won't happen Wednesday, since the budget is the big issue in town, but Marc Solomon just sent an email saying to expect it in the next few weeks.

But just because the vote on the anti-marriage amendment is going to be postponed DOES NOT mean it is time to relax! The final vote will happen sometime in the next few weeks, and now more than ever we need you to take action to protect marriage equality.
The bad news: this appears to be happening way sooner than I wanted. Maybe June?

The good news: it looks like MassEquality at least has an idea of what's going on, something they were recently criticized for not doing last December.

Folks, this is happening. Be prepared. Call your state legislators; here are the ones that still need to be convinced, but call the ones on our side anyway. They need to know how important this is to us. Time is running out. We need to do what we can. Now.

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