Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When You Say You're Done with Casinos

You're done with casinos.

I've been told - directly - by the Governor that the casino issue was decided. He had lost. It was a grand speech given to dozens of people in Lynn who were waiting to hear his promise - that we were going to get onto other things in the administration.

Days later, he said he was going to still fund the Spectrum casino study - which is a big waste of money going to a casino research group that is completely biased towards casinos.

Obviously, the Governor still wanted casinos. He even went far enough to say that he had wished the House would have compromised, adding casinos to the Racino bill, despite the fact that the Governor had previously said he'd veto any Racino bill, because they're mind-numbingly stupid ideas.

Neither of those deceptions are as big as today's bombshell: Governor Patrick is negotiating to enter into a compact with the Wampanoags. This, after the fact that the Governor said he wouldn't sidestep the legislature from the very beginning of his casino proposal. He always said he wanted the legislature to vote on it.

So, what? Now that the legislature voted against it, he's going to pass it anyway? I don't like being lied to - especially when I worked countless hours on behalf of his campaign. I don't like childish behavior, such as throwing a tantrum when you don't get your way, bypassing the will of the legislature - elected by the people every 2 years.

Governor Patrick - you lost on casinos. Get over it! Cheating to win is only a good idea if you want a permanent way to lose the support of the people of Massachusetts - and your base chief among them. Not even Mitt Romney would have pulled a stunt like this!

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