Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Woot! 1913's All But Dead!

3 cheers for the House! They voted to repeal 1913 by overwhelming numbers. Now it just needs to be signed by the Governor, who will sign it, to become official.

The GLBT community and its allies are very greatful that the 1913 stain on our civil liberties has finally been lifted. Good riddens! Thanks to the Senate, thanks to the House, thanks to the Speaker and thanks to the people of California, who may have been the last nail in 1913's coffin. I'll pre-thank the Governor for when he signs this, too.

All that said, though, there's more work to be done. Of course, this is a great start, but I'm confident we can get a few more extremely important bills through in these last few days. Here's hoping the House finishes the job on the good bills that the Senate already passed, most especially the Global Warming Solutions Act. The climate can't afford to wait another year (or three). So let's finish this job and make a good legislative year, one of the best and most effective ever.

Update: Bay Windows has more on 1913's impending repeal.

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joe said...

The house also rebuked the governor and lowered gun license fees from 100 to 40 in response to the Governors plan to increase them. That's definitely worthy of me cheering for the house!

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