Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More with the Casino Plans, Sheesh

Now, we don't just have one potential new site reported today, but a second in the New Bedford Standard times - an actual design for a 'revitalized waterfront' in New Bedford aka 'let's build a casino' plan.

Again, these people can propose all the designs or sites they like, but Class 3 gambling is illegal in Massachusetts. That fact's not likely to change any time soon, either. So I think I'm going to go back in my backyard and start dreaming plans for Ryan's Outdoor Paradise and all the slots I'll be able to fit in between my patio and chimenella. It's about as likely to happen as "Revere's Landing," the name of the casino these developers would like to build on historic New Bedford harbor.


Lynne said...

WTF is a chimenella? LOL

Must be one o' them fancy sorts of backyard accoutrements.

Ryan Adams said...

I blame this on my mother: she calls our outdoors chiminea a chiminella.


But here it is:


Anonymous said...

When we vote out the state income tax come Nov, the Beacon Hill crowd will turn to the fastest method to come up with some quick cash. Sell some casino permits. Major casinos in 5 years, I bet.

Ryan Adams said...

Sorry, Anon, my the income tax isn't going anywhere. It lost last time, it's going to lose again - especially with the fiscal restraint the Governor's been showing.

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