Tuesday, September 30, 2008

8 More Seriously Injured Greyhounds

From the Committee to Protect Dogs:
Raynham, MA – According to records released yesterday by the Massachusetts State Racing Commission, eight greyhounds suffered broken legs at Massachusetts dog tracks in August. Three dogs suffered broken legs in one day on August 24, continuing a trend that saw nine dogs suffer broken legs in June and seven in July.

In total, 842 greyhounds have been injured while racing at local dog tracks since 2002. Nearly 80% of these injuries involved broken legs, and other reported injuries include paralysis, head trauma and death from cardiac arrest. A few weeks ago, the Committee to Protect Dogs announced that it has documented nearly 400 violent, and sometimes fatal, dog race collisions that took place at Massachusetts racetracks in 2007 and 2008. Video footage has been posted online at www.ProtectDogs.org.
I'm starting to see Yes 0n 3 signs begin to pop up all over Lynn and Swampscott, two communities just outside of Revere - where the Wonderland Race Track is located. It's about a month from the election. The race tracks will likely spend millions to confuse the voters, but anyone who thinks greyhound racing is cruel should feel good about where we're at. Momentum is definitely on our side.


Anonymous said...

People who support such sports have the mentality of the Romans at the Colliseum. Civilization hasn't evolved that much, has it?

Anonymous said...

what was the weather like on 8/24? 3 dogs in one day is a statistical impossibility unless some other factor played a role.

Anonymous said...

This is no longer worth the cost and it makes me wonder what was happening before anyone was watching.

Ryan Adams said...

Anon 1:32 - it's not at all a "statistical impossibility." While I don't know the specifics, it's very, very likely that the dogs collided on the track and all three of them were injured then. Collisions with multiple dogs being injured isn't rare at all.

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