Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dogs and Broken Legs: No Big Deal

That's what the Massachusetts race track industry has to say.

Here's a video I put together and posted on YouTube, using quotes from a 10/11/08 debate on WBZ radio between Christine Dorchak, of the Committee to Protect Dogs, and John O'Donnell, of the Committee that thinks they should be tortured, abused and sent out to pasture.

Luckily, I think John O'Donnell's opinion will be in the minority on election day. Remember, come November 4th, vote Yes on 3.

Update: Polling continues to be good for Question 3. The main danger is the race industry's deceptive campaign, which could leave voters confused on election day. As long as everyone knows what they're voting on, the good guys win. But that's no easy task. Talk to your friends, neighbors and coworkers and make sure they know to vote Yes on 3.


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Anonymous said...

Big deal or not, who are they kidding about healing broken legs? That would involve vet expenses, xrays, splinting, recovery care, in some cases, for severe breaks and fractures it would require surgery. They just don't do it. The dogs are euthanized.

Anonymous said...

Few watch greyhound racing and it contributes little to the economy. Time to get rid of it - for the dogs. said...

Anonymous 1:03,
I think the number your looking at is 40Mil as a whole for the racing industry going to Ma, $408K for the town of Raynham. 700-1000 Jobs will be lost.

If its a dieing sport it can die on its own.

Why put another 1000 people out of work now?

40 years without a complaint.

The track is overseen by the MA State police!

IMO Grey2K is not about dogs! There about donations, Ooops everyone is looking for donations today right Ryan even you. LOL!

Grey2K lied in 2000 admited to it!
Why should we believe anything they have to say.

You people probably never even been to a track or kennel.

Get your facts from the media like this.

I usally don't come to this site but its like a bad habit, I look to see whats Ryans take!

IMO your off again Ryan, Now is not the time to lose another 1000 jobs.

Common sense vote no 1 2 and 3.

Ryan Adams said...

There isn't anywhere NEAR 1,000 jobs at stake. That's just plain old ignorance.

The facts: According to US Census numbers, the two dog tracks have less than 500 people employed - likely a lot less. According to Massachusetts Department of Labor figures, the entire racing industry of Massachusetts - including horse and amatuer car tracks - has less than 770 jobs. I've written on this subject extensively - you, sir, need to get your facts straight.

Everyone's about donations? That's absurd. The people volunteering and working for the Committee to Protect Dogs could get much more for their time - in terms of monetary rewards - doing just about anything else. It's about the dogs. In terms of hosting a donation button on this site, I spend *countless hours* working on Ryan's Take and have taken in less than $200 between donations and ads since this site's creation in 2005 or 2006. If I was all about donations, clearly I'm not very good at it. I've just been asking recently because I would like to add a youtube camera so I could host some of the many forums and debates I attend on this site, making it that much more effective. You can LOL all you want, but it doesn't make you sound anymore intelligent for it.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, Hon, take it from Grandma. Most of us figured out long ago that Michael Quish was incapable rational comments on any subject, least of all anything resembling gambling. Don't waste your energy, Hon! He doesn't want facts or your well reasoned arguments. If he did, he might analyze the Raynham town budget and wonder why with all of the commercial development along Route 44 and elsewhere the town is doing so poorly. It makes no sense other than poor management.

Anonymous said...

Deceptive campaign by the race industry? Give me a break. How about those despicable photos posted by Grey2K in 2000 that were taken in Spain? Oh, that's right, they now call themselves the Committee To Protect Dogs. A case of changing the name to protect the about the MSPCA? The epitome of hypocrisy. They can inspect the kennels at any time, announced or unannounced. Here's a shocker. There has NEVER been a case of animal abuse investigated at a MA dog track. That's NEVER. And how many animals do they kill each year? And PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), another fraud. They openly admitted in a GA court of law that they don't rescue animals, they kill them. Yet they raise millions each year. Where does the money go? I'll tell you where, To promote their real agenda (they don't want you to fish, hunt, eat meat, or even drink milk). All these groups are linked together.... Why don't you ask Grey2K leader Carey Thiel why he sits on the board of The National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling? And while you've got him, ask him his thoughts on what will happen to the dogs if the tracks close?...Who's running the deceptive campaign? Hey, Ryan, you're telling people to make sure they know what they're voting on, when you don't have a clue yourself. Ya, let's throw away hundreds of jobs and $41 Million in revenue so that these radical nut jobs can take cheese off our pizzas.

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