Friday, November 07, 2008

Ian Bowles: Heading to DC?

Now this is interesting.
Governor Deval Patrick's top environmental chief has landed on President-elect Barack Obama's list of would-be candidates to lead the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Ian Bowles, the Patrick administration's secretary for energy and environmental affairs, has been a point person for passing legislation this year on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, setting renewable energy goals, and pushing wind power.
Putting someone at the EPA who both gets it and has had real results... After 8 years of Bush, that's an amazing turnaround. Good luck to Ian!


Anonymous said...

Would I be more impressed to hear the name Ian Bowles or Robert F. Kennedy Jr?
Difficult choice!

Anonymous said...

I'd be more WAY more impressed with Kennedy unless Bowles shows some real backbone and helps get the Salem power plant shut down. Talk about an easy example of real change. I live on the North Shore, and everyone here knows the plant isn't even needed anymore. It's just easy money for Dominion, the owner. A Virginia owner runs energy politics in Mass. Coal sucks, and we get to breathe it.

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