Monday, November 10, 2008

Track Defeat: Controlling the Dialogue

Ever since the dogs tracks lost on Question 3, it's been a race to control the dialogue in the media, with the tracks trying to gain any foothold on the upcoming legislative season. Today's Cape Cod Times has two key stories. First, instead of hearing about all the happy grassroots volunteers who spent countless hours trying to protect animals in this state, we get to hear all about the poor track workers, complete with already-discredited numbers on the impact. The second story is on the slots and how the race tracks are pushing them, in great part through Representative Flynn and Senator Pacheco, Raynham's representation.

Readers will note that Racinos are about the worst possible thing that could happen to this state, creating no new revenue, bringing in little overall, opening the doorways to full-scale resort casinos that will put the racinos out of business, anyway (but not before Carney and Sarkis make tens of millions, stiffing the state with casinos that we can never tax after the racinos are gone). Does any of this sound like a good idea to anyone?

Finally, everyone should realize that 56% of this state voted for banning professional greyhound racing. No matter how hard the media hugs the industry, they can't change the fact that in almost every city and town, in all but a few small pockets of this state, greyhound racing is universally detested. The people have spoken, loud and clear. It's time the industry gets used to it and moves to something completely different, or sells the land to someone who will.


Anonymous said...

Greyhound racing was dying anyway. Now the tracks are using the ban as a springboard to promote slots. I wouldn't be surprised if Carney himself voted for the ban. Now instad of slowly fizziling out, he can cry about the lost jobs and tax revenue. Hopefully the legsliture will not be fooled. With Sal's current problems, his power is eroding. hopefully his successor will be against casinos also.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:20 His successor? The numerous articles and blogs have revealed that Rep. "Slots" Flynn is conducting a mutiny to rid the House of Sal to implant none other than "Slots" himself to hold the leadership post. If you follow the common thread through all of this, not just this election, but over years and years, the tracks have been pushing for slots and begging for 'relief' because they're no longer 'profitable' (which seems to be a subjective term). Dog tracks are dead. It's time to bury them. The voters spoke.

joe said...

Because it won with a 56% vote it's universally detested?

Hyperbole much?

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

It won nearly throughout the state, Joe, that's what I was talking about.

Anonymous said...

56% isn't a real landslide, if we have 100 people show up for the town meeting and only 56 are for something and 44 against, you can hardly approve it on a voice count. If Greyhound racing had died a natural death (which it appeared it was on it's way to) there wouldn't be this compunction for the state to step in and "save" the people now out of work. Banning the dogs may lead to racinos, which will open the door for full fledge casinos. Be careful what you wish for.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Anon. 5:51,

If Question 3 hadn't passed, you can bet your bottom dollar the track owners and David Flynn (D - Slots) would have immediately sounded the battle cry they've been sounding for years, "We need slots at the track in order to keep dog racing profitable!!" It's a lose-lose.

Thankfully, as it is, the tracks will go, and the folks who live in Flynn's district, like myself, will start to demand better, more responsible 21st century economic development - like they've done in neighboring towns - and stick a fork in their slots-as-salvation mantra. And THEN, with slots off the table, some members of the legislature, Sol Kerzner and Mashpee Corp. can go salivate elsewhere for a revenue stream.

Ryan said...

No, it's not a landslide, but it passed in almost every county in the state. It passed in almost every city and town. The only areas in which it didn't pass were around Raynham, as well as Lynn and Revere (but not really that much further beyond Revere's Wonderland). 56% isn't a landslide, but it is a decisive victory. Banning the dogs isn't any more likely to lead to casinos than keeping the tracks; there's going to be a resurgent plea for slots at these places, but it's not much more likely to pass - and if it's killed now, it's dead for good.

Smoking Owl said...

Anon said:
"If Greyhound racing had died a natural death (which it appeared it was on it's way to) there wouldn't be this compunction for the state to step in and "save" the people now out of work."

Nobody at the greyhound tracks is "now out of work". The vote didn't automatically put anybody out of work. They get to work at the race tracks until 2010 as far as I know. That should be plenty of time to look for a new job. I know people who went to work in the morning and were unemployed by the end of the day with no advance warning. To the race track employees I say, you got fair warning now make the most of it.

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