Friday, November 07, 2008

Why Does Every Greyhound Story...

Come from the perspective of the tracks, track owners or track employees in the Boston Globe? Do they ever bother to talk to anyone but George Carney, Charles Sarkis or their Rolodexes? If ever there's a picture of a dog track related story, it's of happy dogs racing and having fun or the employees huddling in a corner crying. It's not of the dogs trapped in their cages, the violent collisions resulting in serious injuries to over 800 dogs since 2002, or even of dog-track protesters canvassing with their adopted greyhounds.

Why not write a story focusing on the happy grassroot volunteers who fought years on end to pass a racing ban? Isn't that the real story here? Too Paper of Record-y?

More questions...

Why does the Globe continually use its news space to editorialize the need for slot machines?
Resigned to the end of dog racing, track owners and the lawmakers who support them said they will launch a renewed effort to legalize slot machines in dog and horse tracks in the hope of restoring the estimated 1,000 jobs and millions of dollars in gambling revenue that will be lost when live racing ends.
And why can't Globe reporters be factual when it comes to dog track jobs? There aren't even 1,000 race track jobs in Massachusetts - including the horse and amateur car tracks - never mind 1,000 at Wonderland and Raynham. The best estimate is around 300-400 jobs, many of them part timers.

And, in case anyone thought slot machines were the answer, as the Globe seems to suggest, they aren't:
Billionaire Backer Of Right-Wing Causes Is Down On His Luck
By Zachary Roth - November 6, 2008, 3:42PM

The casino company Las Vegas Sands, which is owned by right-wing billionaire Sheldon Adelson, has said it may default on debt and face bankruptcy, reports Bloomberg. In trading today, stocks in the company plunged.
And things aren't doing so well at the Racino in Rhode Island, either.

My last question: Why can't the Globe deal in realities? An article focusing on the jobs at Raynham and Wonderland is a bit premature given the fact that Question 3 specifically gives the tracks two years to phase out races and allow employees to find new jobs. Question 3's passage should not result in a single layoff tomorrow, the next day or even five months from now. People should have plenty of time to find new jobs, especially given the fact that Governor Patrick is promising state help to retrain workers, allowing the tracks to end positions as people leave.


massmarrier said...

Me boyo, the Glob/Glib/Globe has long been a booster for businesses. That's the true mark of a second or third rate paper. Then lately, they let that morph into their barely rational editorial saying to vote no on question 3.

Now they had a horse (dog?) in the race personally. You'll notice that there was no corresponding the-people-have-spoken editorial citing results on 2 and 3. This story and likely future ones will be I-told-you-so versions. Harrumph.

Anonymous said...

The Globe has turned into union toilet paper. If you rely on the Globe for your "NEWS" you will only get half the story. Everything they write (except maybe the weather) has a political spin on it.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Ry. After many long years of devoted reading, we cancelled our subscription when the Globe looked, smelled and sounded like a campaign rag for Bush/Cheney.
They were Gov. Romney's biggest cheerleaders, wrote only in glowing terms and failed to accurately report on his Administration's failures.
For the most part, they've been cheerleaders for the casino(s).
The quality of reporting declined many years ago, having little to do with the internet.
Little substantive reporting emanates from the Globe.
They do a poor job covering Beacon Hill. Mostly pick up from wire services for national/international. And local is mostly missing.
What's the point of buying the paper?
The Globe has become an anachronism in its own time and they just don't get it. They can't even look at the votes to rid the state of dog racing and be honest.
Question 3 was about dogs and about gambling and about slots.
Voters seem to have said No regardless of the Globe's prognostications.

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