Saturday, April 04, 2009

Charlie Baker's Really Competent!!

It can't be considered even remotely his fault that the Swampscott Town Republicans are not a legal entity. That's just not possible -- he's Charlie Baker! He's the leading Republican in that town, but why would he care about its Republican Committee? Actually, I bet he's just so competent that he wanted to teach Town Republicans a lesson in management! Baker FTW!


Anonymous said...

I am having a hard time understanding your blog entry. Is your dislike for Charlie so strong that you would blame him for the disfunction of the local republican town committee? Wow.
Dave Whelan

BTW, I hope Charlie chooses to run for Governor. It would be fun watching Charlie run against Deval. I'm not sure who would win, but it would be interesting.

Ryan said...

Is it his fault? No.

But the biggest criticism, from the Republican perspective, of Mitt Romney in Massachusetts was that he didn't help the state party. He lost a midterm gambit, then decided to completely abandon any future attempts at electing other Republicans, beyond himself.

Furthermore, as an important Republican in this state, he should have known what was going on in his local town committee. Town committees in the Democratic Party are considered very important - prominent Democrats are expected to be active and engaged.

All that said, I don't dislike Charlie. I just don't think he would make a particularly great governor. I think people view him as some kind of wunderkid, a la Mitt Romney, who can go in and fix things. I think there's enough blemishes in his resume to suggest that's just not true. I'm sure he'd be better than Romney, but that's not saying much.

But by all means, he should run -- democracy is a good thing. If anything, it may just make Deval a better Governor.

Peter Porcupine said...

Ryan - your post is insulting nonsense. FYI, the Democratic Town Comm. in my town recently folded due to a paperwork snafu, but I wouldn't blame Deval Patrick. Since it doesn't appear that Baker is even a committee member, to say their mitake is his fault is silly and childish. Please note - it's Mass GOP that's trying to get the situation fixed.

Peter Porcupine said...

Oh - and since Mitt raised $7 million for MassGOP and made a personal donation to all 131 legislative candidates in 2004 - your alleged knowledge of Republican criticism is bunk too. Remember who won the 2008 primary? It wsn't McCain...

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