Monday, April 27, 2009

UMass Lowell at the Next Level?

Note: I had this saved in draft form for a few days. Whoops. Still relevant, though -- and LiL has more.

In these bleak fiscal times, that's a tough stretch. Moreover, the (horror) stories I've heard about Meehan's management skillz certainly adds skepticism. Yet, UMass Lowell - a school with over 10,000 students - is about to add something most big schools have, a hotel and conference center, and there's plenty of talk from the powers that be to push Lowell's ownership of the Tsongas Arena to UMASS Lowell. Many thousands of people fit in it: it could be a (modest, but legit) D1 caliber arena with a little work. Plus, fostering Lowell as a "college town" may just lure in more bands and parties to the medium-sized arena, perhaps making it more profitable. At the very least, between these two developments, UMass Lowell is starting to look like a state school that would rival what exists in most other states.

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