Thursday, June 25, 2009

Attn Wonderland and Raynham Park

I'm just wondering if you've finally decided to allow your workers to receive state help in retraining -- or if you're going to continue to toy with their lives in your attempt to control the public debate by using their very plight to attempt to further your last-gasp attempts at profiteering?



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Middleboro Review said...


You're too kind, Ryan!

The State of Indiana sold "racino" licenses for $250 MILLION (plus additional financial commitments).

Senator Pacheco proposed to sell licenses for $25 MILLION and the percentage wasn't clearly spelled out in the bill.

How did Massachusetts lose $225 MILLION in Senator Pacheco's legislation that was erroneously labeled "LOCAL AID"?

That $225 MILLION gift to 4 track owners might have gone a long way to preserve other local businesses that have closed. That's $900 MILLION the state was cheated out of.

The owner of the Plainville track bought it when it was losing money with full knowledge, on the hopes that wildly profitable SLOTS will reward his losing investment.

Racing needs to die a peaceful death all by itself!

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