Sunday, October 15, 2006

I Laugh at "Scotto"

Scotto, some talk radio guy I've only heard of in passing, is apparently uncomfortable with little 'ol bloggers like me. He apparently isn't having enough fun distorting truth and spewing filth on the airwaves, so he has a blog. Just yesterday, he used it to attack me.

Patrick is stone silent about the depths that his supporters stoop to attack Kerry Healey on a personal level on the Internet.

Hmm... I guess someone is getting nervous that The Friends of Kerry Healey's latest is backfiring like nobody's business. Well, get used to it Scotto. The days of politics of fear, doom and gloom are numbered - 23 days, to be exact. There are 23 days until Deval Patrick is elected Governor of Massachusetts; Beacon Hill is about to get a breathe of fresh air. Scotto's ratings will probably plummet.

But enough about Scotto's nightmares. Let's talk more about me.

Scotto's big problem with my Youtube video is probably that it's funny and somewhat effective, so he decided to make up crap instead. Now that Scott's seen it, my video's "thesis seems to be that Republicans are, by definition, honorary members of the KKK" (Scotto's words). Umm... no, Scotto. It's called satire. Satire is what people would think your radio show probably is if you weren't so friggin crazy and close-minded. The only difference that separates your blog from what my video expressed is the fact that I intentionally tried to be funny; everyone who laughs at your blogs aren't exactly laughing with you.

So, Scotto, lighten up. I made a funny video about Kerry Healey - other people dredged up Deval's sister's rape and threw it on the pages of the Boston Herald for all to see (including Deval's nieces and nephews, who knew nothing of the incident before). My video was harmless, somewhat funny and had an off-handed point (I was about to use the word enthymeme, but I'm not sure Scotto would know what that means). The Boston Herald's article, which was published solely because of some dirty political op - 'the politics of Kerry Healey' (Deval's words) - did serious damage to a family that has recovered over the past 13 years and had nothing to do with the campaign.

So... to sum this up in a way even Scotto can probably understand, my video made lots of people laugh. Team Kerry Healey's attacks probably made Deval's sister, nieces and nephews cry. My video was hilarious, Kerry Healey's campaign is nasty. I've been satirical, Team Kerry Healey has been deceitful, mean-spirited and is trying to drive the campaign away from issues that matter via her negative attacks (that don't even work). I would never, ever intentionally hurt anyone - or attack a candidate's family (hence my silence on Kerry Healey's husband). Kerry Healey's campaign is based on attacking others.

My website has always been a mix of politics and political humor; for Scotto to take my humor so seriously makes me laugh.

PS: I love how Scotto finished the blog in question by doing the exact same thing he criticized me for... posting a youtube video, but this time attacking Deval Patrick. Hey, Scotto, hypocrisy much?


Anonymous said...

Good for you Ryan - kick @ss!

Ryan Adams said...

lol thanks.

For some more fun, read Howie Carr's desperation:

that made me laugh pretty hard too.

Anonymous said...

"Patrick is stone silent about the depths that his supporters stoop to attack Kerry Healey on a personal level on the Internet."

This is how we know that all the supposed right wing stuff on the internet is actually parody, because nobody could actually be this stupid. lol

Hey Scotto, check this out--I don't think that's Muffy's actual hair color, the way she pronounces her "o"'s really bothers me, and I hear that when she has the girls over for meetings about which undesierables to drive out of the neighborhood next she uses the CLUNKY CHINA instead of the really fine porcelain. Now, if Deval Patrick doesn't drop everything he's doing, mostly comforting his family members who are having their lives destroyed through the papers for no reason, to respond to these VICIOUS ATTACKS, we'll know the reason why! No, Muffy, not that reason, no Deval isn't really going to unleash criminal thugs to come and rape our women you just made that up, no Muffy, Deval doesn't come from a criminal gene pool and we don't actually have to be afraid of him, no Muffy fear mongering and sleaze and exploiting every wedge issue you can get your hands on don't make up for the fact that youre an idiot who'd never accomplished anything in your life.

StunnedVoter said...

As a female, I find it too hilarious that Healey's campaign manager and supporters are playing the "but she's a girl, and you made her cry!" game. Like it's fine for her to create the nastiest, ugliest, most vicious campaign environment I've personally ever seen, trivialize public service and hope and decency and offer nothing but ignorance, fear, racism and stupidity, but gosh, if anyone so much as looks at her funny (like say makes a video that's only about 43245324 trillion times less nasty then a typical 5 minutes for her), the guy she's viciously attacking owes it to her to swoop in on his white horse and rescue her or he's guilty of being unchivalrous.

Hey, I actually blame him for not attacking his own sister! It's her fault, because if she hadn't been born, then she could never have experienced personal trauma, and then Kerry Healey could never have been so beneath contempt as to exploit her in the most disgusting manner imaginable. How can Patrick remain stone silent when his sister has victimized poor innocent Kerry like this? Where is the outrage?

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