Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yes on 8 Compares No on 8 to Nazis, Hitler

C r a z y p e o p l e.

h/t Towleroad.

If there's anything that I'm certain about, it's that the people who get the most riled up about marriage equality tend to be questionably sane and can't see past who people sleep with. To win, they'll compare us to Nazis. Meanwhile, Nazis persecuted and killed tens of thousands simply for being gay. Wow, the hypocrisy.

Hopefully, this latest antic by the Yes on H8 campaign will be its death knell. It's simply inexcusable.

The marriage equality side in California need help now, since the haters over there just raised millions more over the last filing deadline. Yet, the deadline to make a meaningful donation is tomorrow, Friday, at midnight. So, even if it's $20, please give if you can. If California beats back Question 8, marriage equality will spread to dozens of other states in a matter of years. If Question 8 passes, the pendulum will shift and the gay rights movement will be set back decades, with too many politicians too scared to make the necessary changes. Don't let that happen.

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