Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Brown's Continuing to Waste our Time

Elected to represent us, the time he spends in DC is as much our time as it is his.

So when he fails to keep student loans affordable, refuses to pass a single, solitary jobs bill and spends his time going after every uterus in the country, if its owner has a boss, I guess we should be happy when our Jr. Senator is wasting time instead of trying to ruin lives across the Commonwealth.

Yet, the Senator using all his energy to pass bills meant to pander to the electorate, instead of fix real problems effecting millions of people in the Commonwealth alone, isn't exactly inspiring. This is doubly so when the Supreme Court just ruled the Senator's time-wasting pandering piece of crap bill unconstitutional.

If ever there was a perfect example of why we need to elect Elizabeth Warren, this is it. Her entire career and life have been devoted to serious issues, effecting millions of families who are struggling to get by. We can't allow the Brown to get 6 six years to waste (or worse), not when there's an infinitely better alternative.

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