Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Election Round-Up & My N. Bedford Times Interview

I was interviewed by Jack Spillane of the Standard Daily Times yesterday for an article he wrote on Deval Patrick's victory. Specifically, he wanted a younger voter's perspective and also someone from the netroots. I thought it was a great article - particularly because my favorite professor, Dr. Kenneth Manning, acknowledged one of the key components to this new progressive movement: the netroots. In 2004, I took a seminar with him on Campaign and Elections; we'd frequently chat about what we each thought Democrats needed to do to win. Back then, he maintained it was sticking to the center on issues, "getting the biggest slice of the pie." I thought it was taking principled stances, similar to the Republicans, except without the whole morally repugnant part. Granted, my position has become slightly more sophisticated since then - as I've grown to appreciate the renewed progressive movement in this country - but I think with candidates like Deval Patrick, Ned Lamont, Jon Tester and Jim Webb popping up all around the country I may have been right. These candidates appeal to the population not because they're tied to the netroots, but because they offer a message of hope and accountability.

Finally, since I wrote a gazillion blogs yesterday, I'd like to make a little election round up:

1. Call it a pre-election celebration: Deval's New Bedford Rally last Saturday with some pictures (including one of him and I).

2. I asked people to vote and they did. Over 420,000 of them for Deval alone.

3. A last minute Chris Gabrieli ad!

4. Virginia Buckingham proves just how influential she is, which just may be less influential than I am. Hey, at least my guy won!

5. Some post-election thoughts, including sympathy for the Devil Jane Swift.

6. Town-by-town analysis. I'll be writing more on this later - well, more analysis - because it interests me that a city like New Bedford would be way more pro-Deval than Fall River and I want to know why.

7. CBS called it for Deval when there was just 4% of the precincts reporting.

8. Kerry Healey lies like a rug - and certainly didn't improve her chances with her "victory speech." If there were more than a hundred people at her "rally," I'd be shocked.

9. So much for the theory that Cape Wind would hurt Deval in Cape Cod; he won the entirety of Barnstable County (by a sizable margin). Oh - and he was probably strongest on Nantucket.

10. Deval speaks, Kerry Healey quivers.


Joe said...

I was at Kerry's rally and it was packed to the brims. I'm going to venture hundreds with an 'S' at the end.

The energy she was creating last night was great. Don't get cocky, Ryan. It's a lesson that's best to be learned but never is.

Ryan Adams said...

It just didn't seem to have the action or intensity that was at Deval's victory party. Healey's was more like a victory dinner. Were you all seated in tables, eating roasted duck or something?

(I jest).

Believe me, I won't take her for granted - and neither will Deval. The difference between Deval and Healey's speech last night was dramatic, Healey's going to have to do much better if she wants to have a chance to win.

Joe said...

I wish we were sitting at tables. The only thing that kept me standing for that long ass 4 hours was a cute redhead that was talking to me for a good portion.

I do have one complaint: the bar was charging 5.50 for a Sam Adams. From personal experience, political events (along with myself) are more energetic the more liquered up the crowd is, so mayhaps that explains why we were cheering and yelling instead of cheering yelling dancing and having sex.

Ryan Adams said...

LOL - I'm a particular fan of cute redheads myself. And 5.50?! Sheesh. Certainly that'll dissuade people from the dancing and having sex part.

btw, Kim Atkins of the Herald talked about turnout at Deval's rally. It was thousands - with an 'S.'

Anonymous said...

I've got a really nice shoe box, and Kerry's rallies fill it all the time. Will, okay, fill owuld be an exaggeration, but there's a lot of energy in the shoebox, she manages to keep the shoes awake, although they're probably unlikely to support her, they were Reilly delegates.

Ryan Adams said...


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